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Photography is the art and science of creating images using a camera. Photography deals with the representation of physicality and space via the tool of the camera. Digital art is a generic term for certain artistic works that make use of digital technology as a core aspect of the creation process. The Realm of digital art consists of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional aspects. Often a mixture of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional elements form digital art compositions.

The boundary between digital art and photography are often blurred. Digital Photography often relied on techniques common to digital art as well. In both aspects, the final output is in the realm of 2-dimensional (2D) representation or digital image file format.

This website is a place dedicated to providing articles, information and ideas for the Digital Art and Photography creatives and hobbyists. You can find useful information and ideas for 2D, 3D art and photography here.

This website include tutorials and reviews. Both digital art and photography often uses software programs that overlaps in terms of function. Therefore programs used for digital art sometimes are relevant for photography as well. This site covers introduction to different software programs related to both aspects. This encompasses articles on image editing, photo retouching and rendering.

3D Digital Models are on sale on this website as well.

The contents on this site are added on an on-going basis.

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Photoplus Tutorial: Replacing colour

This article shows how colours can be replaced using Photoplus image editor