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Camera Info - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70 is an aesthetically pleasing digital compact camera. It is similar to the T200. However, it appears to be a slimmer design of the latter.


Like many newer models, this digital compact camera sports touch-screen technology. Whether touch-screen is an overkill and superfluous function or not is a matter of personal preferences. I do know that some actually find this feature annoying.

Performance-wise, this camera is quite good. It has a 8.1 megapixel output capability. Additionally, image quality is also pretty acceptable. However, the image output tends to be slightly overexposed at times. This camera is certainly not the best amongst others within the price range.

One significant weakness of this camera is that it does generate some halo-ing effect. This can be noticeable in high contrast situations.

In conclusion, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T70 is an acceptable camera. It scores highly in the looks department. However, in terms of performance, it is rather average.

Camera info - Canon PowerShot G9

This camera is very sturdy. Its form is retro in style and is reminiscent of traditional manual SLRs and it casing is made of metal.


Unlike most non-SLRs, Canon Powershot is capable of shooting in RAW format. This gives the user very good control of the manipulation of the photo image.

Its image quality is excellent and can output to a rather high resolution of 12.1 Megapixels.

This camera has the usual works of a modern digital camera. It includes features such as CCD images sensor, autofocus and a full range of white balance settings. It sports an optical zoom of 6X, while its digital zoom is 4X.

This camera is excellent throughout. However, it does have its weakness. One of which is in the area of chromatic aberration. It shows some halo effect in areas of high contrast. There is also some distortion along the horizontal axis.

This digital compact camera is pack full of helpful features. It has advanced functions such as auto bracketing and image stabilization. Its metering systems comprises spot, center-weighted and evaluative functions.

In the department of Portrait Photography, performance is enhanced by face detection.

In conclusion, Canon Powershot G9’s performances approaches that of DSLR. It is clearly a notch above most other digital compact cameras. However, it is a bit on the expensive side and for less, the Samsung NV11 may be on par.

Daz Studio - digital posing and modelling

Ok, I know this is not directly related to photography. But nevertheless, I think, many a digital photographer might be interested in this.

Daz Studio is a FREE program that allows the manipulation and rendering of virtual models. It can render pretty realistic 3D humans.


Strange Beauty
by: GreyPixel

This program is both available for Mac and Windows user. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Linux version, which is quite a pity.



This program sure looks very interesting. However, from my honest opinion, it does require a powerful computer to run smoothly. On my low-end laptop it runs painfully slow. Also, I find the manipulation of the model is not intuitive and interactive. For a new user like me, I had a hard time finding ways to do simple thing such as changing poses.

I had an earlier version of Poser. Between the 2 programs, I find Poser is generally easier to work with.

But, hey, what do you expect, it is afterall free. At least, the base program is. You can enhance its usefulness by purchasing additional plugins and 3D humans.

Click below to download Daz Studio.

Free Tools and Content for 3D Artists


Have fun :)

Sony Cybershot W55 camera info

Sony Cybershot W55 is a 7.2 Mega pixel digital compact camera. Like the S700, it features High Sensitivity at ISO 1000. This allows this digital compact camera to confidently take night scenes and other dimly litted scenarios.


This cybershot uses the legendary Carl Zeiss lens. Like S700, it has 3X Optical Zoom. This is fairly useful for capturing distant images.

Cybershot W55 has a good range of selection modes. In fact, it has 7 selection modes namely:

1. High sensitivity

2. Soft snap

3. Twilight Portrait

4. Twilight

5. Landscape

6. Beach

7. Snow

For color modes, it has 4: Natural, Rich, Black and White, Sepia.

Overall, W55 is a flexible and versatile digital camera that can meet the needs of most non-professional consumers. Feature-wise, I find it too similar to Cybershot S700. Between the 2 cameras, I will go for S700 or the newer S800 (which has 8.1 mega pixel capability).

Pentax K10D DSLR info

I have a softspot for Pentax cameras because my first SLR is the reliable and sturdy P30 manual SLR. In my opinion, Pentax carried the tradition of producing rugged SLR cameras. Pentax K10D is no exception. It is an DSLR that excels in landscape photography.

It sports 10.2 mega pixel.

The unique feature of this camera is its Shake reduction system. This feature is activated via a switch. This feature is also available on the Pentax K100D.


Another nice feature of this camera is Dust reduction from sensor. This feature is able to remove dust particles on the sensors.

K10D has 3 main metering systems:

1. Spot 2. Center weighted 3. Multi-segmented

In my opinion, the Pentax k10D is perhaps the most economical DSLR that specialises in landscape photography.