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Name card for Photography and Digital Creatives

Whether you are a Photographer, 3D Creatives or other Creative Professionals, having your own name card can prove to useful for your career.

Never underestimate the little Business name card. It can at time when you are least expected, open up financial and career opportunities.

Below listed are some tips for business card design:

Impression counts

Try to create card that look professional.

Size is important

Also keep in mind the size. Try to design it within standard sizes. This is because most wallets are designed to carry standard-sized cards.


The type of content on your card is important. The back side of the card should contain the types of product or service of your business.

Paper Quality

The paper quality is important.

Well, these are some of the tips for business card design consideration. Thank you for reading.

Robot Anatomy for 3D graphic concept

Robots are favourite ideas and concepts for 3D sci-fi imageries. In order to create, robot concepts that look believable, we may need to know the structure and anotomy of one.


A robot is structured very much like a living organism. There are parts of a robot that have a parallel to the parts of a sentient being. The following are the anatomy of a typical robot.

1. The frame. The sketetal structure of a robot. It can be made of aluminium, steel, plastic, carbon composite and even titanium.

2.  Actuator. This is the equivalent of muscles of the robot. Actuator encompases the following systems: motor/gears, pneumatic cyclinders, shape memory alloy, hydraulics.

3. Outer casing. This part corresponds to the skin of the robot.

4. Drive train. This part corresponds the the limbs. This can be in the form of wheels, legs or tracks.

5. Controller. This part corresponds to the brain and central nervous system. The most common form is the microcontroller. The microcontroller is usually a computer that is embedded as a chip It usually consist of a CPU, RAM and Erasable memory space.

6. Sensors. This part corresponds to the sensory organs of the robot. They interact with the external environment. Typical sensors includes light sensors, sound sensosr and pressure sensors.

7. Manipulator. This part corresponds to the fingers and hands. This is an optional component.

8. Communication system. This corresponds to the speech. This is another optional aspect of a robot.

9. Power system. The part that powers the robot. This include batteries. Common batteries include alkaline, nickel, lithion ion and battery packs. Some robots also employ solar cells and other power sources.

DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce and Hexagon free

For a limited period, DAZ 3D is offering DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce and Hexagon  for free.

Hexagon is a fantastic and easy to use 3D modelling program. It is based on polygon and uses sub-division modelling.

Bryce is a cool landscape generation program. It is a low cost Vue alternative. Bryce is one of the earliest landscape generation program.

As for DAZ Studio it is a Poser alternative. The version for free for this period is the pro version.

Get it while the offer last.

Yafaray Blender 2.6 book

Yafaray is a powerful yet free 3D photorealistic rendering software. It’s integration with Blender 2.5 and 2.6 is excellent. Together with Blender, Yafaray can produce stunning images. It is one of the few open source ray tracing renderers that sports global illumination and an comprehensive settings of features.

However, up-to-date documentation for it is sparse.

So far there is an ebook that is written for Blender 2.5 / 2.6 and Yafaray.

>>> Using Yafaray with Blender Book  <<<

This book covers Yafaray as it is being interfaced with Blender 2.5 / 2.6 . In addition to that, there are also introduction to other relevant free software that can aid in the 3D process. The book also include additional examples.

DAZ Studio free for limited period

DAZ Studio 4 is free for a limited time period. After which, it may revert back to the original prize of $49.90.

What is DAZ Studio? It is an easy to use character modification and posing 3D software from DAZ3D. DAZ Studio 4 has a new model that can be edited to create both male and female human figure form.

Grab it while it is still available as a free download.