Underwater Camera Housings

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Underwater photography is not for the average photographer. Water exerts its own properties when the photographer is submerged, making shooting more difficult.
If you are into underwater photography, you will need two types of equipments. And these tech toys ain’t cheap too.

1. Underwater lighting equipments.

2. Underwater housing for the camera.

For underwater lighting equipments, Nocturnal Lights is a popular choice.
As for underwater camera housings, there are several models for housing digital compact cameras. For example, WP-DC17 housing is for Canon IXUS 860 digital compact camera. For Fuji FinePix F50fd there is the FXF50 camera housing. The FxF50 housing is shown below.


A high end underwater housing is the aluminum alloy made Subal ND3 for Nikon D3.

When choosing an Underwater housing for the camera, there are several factors and considerations.

Firstly, make sure that the buttons are easy to handle underwater. They should be big and not awkward to use.

Next thing to check is whether internal flash can be used as well, when the camera is within the underwater casing.
Another consideration is whether the memory card of the camera used is of a reasonable storage size. This is because, you can’t reload the camera while in the water.

That’s all for the article. Happy photo shooting in the water.

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