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Open source digital human creation

The combination of Blender and Makehuman makes for efficient tooling for creation of digital human. This is as exemplified by the video shown below.

However for ease of use without editing and tweaking, DAZ Studio and Carrara Pro is better.

3D Rhino NURBS Modelling Course

3D Rhino NURBS Modelling Course in Singapore
Promotion video for surfacing training

Robot Anatomy for 3D graphic concept

Robots are favourite ideas and concepts for 3D sci-fi imageries. In order to create, robot concepts that look believable, we may need to know the structure and anotomy of one.

A robot is structured very much like a living organism. There are parts of a robot that have a parallel to the parts of a sentient […]

DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce and Hexagon free

For a limited period, DAZ 3D is offering DAZ Studio Pro, Bryce and Hexagon  for free.
Hexagon is a fantastic and easy to use 3D modelling program. It is based on polygon and uses sub-division modelling.
Bryce is a cool landscape generation program. It is a low cost Vue alternative. Bryce is one of the earliest landscape generation […]

Yafaray Blender 2.6 book

Yafaray is a powerful yet free 3D photorealistic rendering software. It’s integration with Blender 2.5 and 2.6 is excellent. Together with Blender, Yafaray can produce stunning images. It is one of the few open source ray tracing renderers that sports global illumination and an comprehensive settings of features.
However, up-to-date documentation for it is sparse.
So far […]