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DAZ Studio free for limited period

DAZ Studio 4 is free for a limited time period. After which, it may revert back to the original prize of $49.90.
What is DAZ Studio? It is an easy to use character modification and posing 3D software from DAZ3D. DAZ Studio 4 has a new model that can be edited to create both male and […]

GPU rendering the future?

As we all know, 3D software programs uses the CPU to do calculation for rendering. However, there is a new emerging trend. There are now more 3D rendering programs taking the GPU as a way for generating the rendering.
This can result in much faster rendering time. Even the open source community is jumping on the […]

Learning 3D modeling and animation

Learn 3D modeling and animation can be quite expensive. This is not only in terms of time, but in terms of cost as well. This is because high end 3D software costs thousand of dollars. Unless, you opt for open source solution. The most powerful open source solution for 3D graphic is Blender 3D. Although […]

Blender for 3DS Max user

The closest open source equivalent to 3DS Max is probably Blender.  In fact many Blender 3D users also uses 3DS Max.
Here’s some notes to make it easier for 3DS Max users to transit to the open source 3D suite:
1. Unlike Max, Blender selection is using a right-mouse button click.
2. In Max, multiple select is […]

Making realistic 3D robot

In order to make a realistic 3D robot, there is a need to understand the anatomy of one.
A 3D robot is structured very much like a living organism. So to make it realistic, a 3D concept robot can consider the location or provision of the following components.
1. Outer casing. This part must be modelled. For […]