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Common Accessories For Photography

Photography is a rather expensive hobby. This is partly due to the tons of accessories and equipments available to this hobby. Some of these items are essentials while others are frills or good-to-haves.
Below is a list of the common accessories that are fairly useful to have within one’s arsenal. This is not an exhaustive list […]

Lens and Focal Lengths

The focal length is indicative of the optical length of a lens. It is measured in millimetres (mm). Basically there are 3 main types of lens that are classified according to their focal lengths:
1. Normal lens- this range from 35mm to 85mm. It is close to how the human eye perceive things.
2. Wide-angle lens […]

Basic Photography - Exposure settings and modes

Exposure settings and modes are basic photography knowledges. The correct exposure of a photo is dependent on the correct combination of f-number (aperture size) and shutter speed.
On modern cameras, several built-in modes of exposures are available. these modes are:
1. Manual mode: This simply means that you are in fully control of the parameter setting.
2. Program […]

Basic Photography - ISO settings

ISO stands for International Organisation For Standards. For camera and photography, it is used as an indicator of the sensitivity of the recording sensor (in digital camera) or film (in film camera) to light.
Typically ISO parameters are 100, 200 and 400. If you are using a non-digital camera such as a traditional SLR, the ISO […]

Basic Photography - What is White Balance for

Different lighting conditions can produce different color casts effects. Because of this, there are several different classification of light conditions namely:
1. Daylight lighting
2. Tungsten lighting (studio)
3. Infrared lighting
4. Florescent lighting
These differing conditions can produce different color casting effect. For example, Florescent lighting will overlay a green cast.
The easiest way to deal with the color cast […]