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Name card for Photography and Digital Creatives

Whether you are a Photographer, 3D Creatives or other Creative Professionals, having your own name card can prove to useful for your career.
Never underestimate the little Business name card. It can at time when you are least expected, open up financial and career opportunities.
Below listed are some tips for business card design:
Impression counts
Try to create […]

Open source books on discount

Packt Publishing specialises amd focuses on IT related books and ebooks. They are currently offering exclusive discount for certain open source books. This offer will only be for a limited period estimated to last until the end of this month (July). For more details click here: Packt Books special discount page.
For Creatives and digital art […]

Career in the 3D industry

3D is common nowadays. Therefore related work are increasing common in the world. What are the types of job related to the 3D profession:
1. 3D Character design.
2. Architectural and interior visualisation. This area serves as a form of digital photography.
3. 3D animator
4. 3D modeller
5. Concept artist.
6. Medical field.
These are just some possible jobs and careers […]

Movie Plus 4 with Blender Avi -jpeg

There seems to be a problem that I have encountered when using Serif Movie plus 4 for editing avi-jpeg animations made with Blender 3D animation program. The bottom part of the exported movie from Movie plus 4 will have insightly flickers.
What was found is that using Virtualdub as a intermediate file exporter seems to solve […]

Free painting program

There are many free illustration and drawing programs. But there are very few painting program. What I meant as painting programs are those that allows the user to painting as in using natural paint media. Programs such as Photoshop, Photoplus and GIMP may be able to be used for painting. But that is not their […]