Photoplus Tutorial: Cloning Region

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Cloning in Photoplus is slightly different from that in Photoshop. This 2D tutorial will point out some of them.

The cloning icon is the one with the 2 brushes, one bigger than the other.

To capture the region of the image to be cloned, press the SHIFT button.

From here, you may wonder how do I paste the clone region in a separate layer. In order to do that the ‘Use‘ option on the top right corner of the Cloning bar must be checked. See the screen shot below for a better idea.


That is all for this Photoplus image editing tutorial. As you can see, Photoplus is very easy to use and understand.

As a side note, when adding Text to an image, the text input box does not display options via right-mouse click. If you want to copy and paste text from some other text sources such as note pad, you will have to use the key-board keys. To copy, use Ctrl+C. To paste the copied text, use Ctrl+V. 

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