Sports Photography

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Sport Photography is one of the most challenging type of photography. The equipment acquisition alone is expensive. You will need a good digital SLR and long telephoto lenses. The recommended minimum for a lens is 200mm.

Two areas of challenges with sports photography are:

1. Getting the right timing. Because sports are usually occurring at a very high pace, the photographer will need to be very skilled at locking the camera to the action. To add to the challenge, a photographer do not always has the luxury and luck to be in close proximity to the location where the action is. That is why, a long lens is recommended. However, long lenses tend to magnify the panning or any movement to the camera. This makes following the action and framing the scene very challenging indeed.

Typically, a fast shutter speed is used so as to capture the details and not be succumbed to blurry images that are caused by fast movements.

A continuous powerdrive that allows for fast sequential capturing of shots is an added advantage. This will allow the photographer to select the best shot from the series of sequences.

2. Lighting. Lighting is another challenging aspect of sport photography. It is not so much of a problem if the action is taking place in the bright outdoor. Under this kind of condition, it is easier to match fast shutter speed with the brightness. However, when the sport action is taking place indoor, the lighting condition is not so favourable. To use a fast enough shutter speed, the ISO setting have to be increased. This may result in increased graininess of photographic outcomes.


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